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ADHD at Work and in School = A Poor Future

A survey of 1,001 adults with attention deficit hyperactive disorder, presented at the 2004 meeting of the APA (American Psychiatric Association) found that adults who grew up with ADHD suffer life long impairments, affecting their self image, professional and personal lives.

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder hurts your chances for a future.

Studies have found that teens with ADHD are three times more likely to have auto accidents, and twice as many accidents resulting in severe or fatal loss of life. Teens with attention deficit disorder are also far more likely to engage in risky social behavior, such as drug use, irresponsible and unsafe sex, and are far less likely to go to college, and far more likely to drop out of school.

Studies have shown that adults with ADHD are three times more likey to suffer from depression, stress and anxiety. An inability to concentrate, pay attention and stay on task translates into poor work performance, and a life less likely to succeed in our competitive society. Adult attention deficit disorder sufferers are more likely to change jobs frequently, which means they will not recieve promotions and pay raises. Those with adult ADHD also suffered from higher rates of unemployment, drug addiction and jail.


Scientific Music Therapy = Natural ADHD Remedy

It makes intuitive sense, that music, simply by it's ability to calm and capture one's attention, could have a positive effect on those prone to fidget and hyperactivity. Prestigious Temple University trains music therapists up to the Ph.D. level, and graduates use their skills to heal in psychiatric facilities, schools, hospitals, prisons, community centers and universities.

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is an impairment in brain function, more specifically, it's a "slow wave disorder". The brain functions in several levels; Delta, the level of deep sleep, Theta, the level of deep meditation or light sleep, Alpha, the level of day dreams, Beta, the everyday work and study level, and Gamma, the level of high concentration. Those suffering from ADHD have an over abundance of the "slow" brainwaves associated particularly with the Alpha level. Those with ADHD also often have overly active right brain hemispheres, and an under active left brain.

Improve your future and your grades with our ADHD Study Music

Our scientific, music therapy for ADHD introduces special and specific sound frequencies to each side of the brain, using headphones. (We also have headphone free titles). By speeding up the brain wave activity, particularly in the left hemisphere, hyperactivity can actually be reduced. Furthermore, stimulating the right brain hemisphere with "SMR" (sensory motor response), emotional reactivity can be reduced, and dramatic improvements in attention and concentration can easily be achieved, improving your grades, work performance and quality of life!

Simply Amazing!

"When this CD first arrived and I listened to it, I thought this is silly. To me it sounded like helicopters and windchimes. Then I needed to complete a paper and just couldn't focus..." Learn more…

What can scientific music and sound therapy do for you?

Research has shown that simple music can easily reduce stress, enhance cognitive ability, and improve productivity. Combine that with the sound therapy techniques of binaural beats and isochronic tones, and music therapy specifically designed for ADD-ADHD can have a surprising variety of benefits!

What Makes Our ADHD Study Music Unique?

We give you choices! We not only use scientific sound therapy techniques to actually address the brainwave imbalances associated with attention deficit hyperactive disorder, we also mix it with the most popular genres of music! Something for everyone! We have made the effort to search out the best popular music tracks, in every popular genre, to mix with our calm and focused binaural beat and isochronic tone sound therapy study music tracks.

Use the player below to hear sample songs

Our ADD-ADHD music therapy comes in two different sound therapy techniques; isochronic tones, and binaural beats. What's the difference? The isochronic tone study music is designed to be played on room speakers, and the binaural beat study music is designed for headphones. Which is best for you? That depends on your level of distraction, your study habits, and how others around you react to your music.

Binaural Beat Study Music

If you often work or study in public situations, such as in a classroom or at the library, or if you plan to put the MP3 on your iPod or you want to use it at your job, the binaural beats are perfect, and it is also good if your parents, roomates or coworkers don't like your taste in music, since you must wear headphones. The binaural beat programs are also good if you have a very high level of distraction; headphones will further lessen outside distraction. The binaural beats introduce different stimulation to each side of the brain through the earphones, so it is very important to get them on the correct sides, right and left.

Isochronic Tone Study Music

If you often study by yourself, or with a friend or group with similar taste in music, then the isochronic tones might be right for you. (You can also try playing the isochronic music while playing video games with your friends, to help increase your focus, and your chance of winning!) The isochronic tones are also good for work environments with like minded coworkers.

What should you expect? For the first few minutes, you may notice the sound therapy tracks; you may notice a faint beating or thumping sound. (On the headphone free isochronic study music, this may sound a little like a helicopter.) You might also notice the music seems a bit hypnotic and repetitive. Very quickly, you will forget about that, time will seem to fly more quickly, and before you know it, you should be absorbed in the task at hand, like never before! Your job or homework will be done, and you will feel more balanced, centered and happy! Say good bye to frustration, and hello to pride in a job well done!

Congratulations! You just got an A+!