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5 Misperceptions About ADHD

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A lot of disinformation has been spread about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, otherwise known as ADHD. Some of this disinformation is over blown, and a lot of it is aggressively challenged, especially by fans of natural treatments for ADHD. Here a list of common fallacies, and an objective analysis that can help inform you, and help you to come to your own conclusions.

1. ADHD Is a Personality Disorder

The psychiatric literature states that attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a neurological disorder, one that can cause, or exacerbate, developmental delays, both emotionally and intellectually. Opponents of this, often parents and adult sufferers, make the claim this is not a "disorder", but just a "personality trait", and that it's really "blessing in disguise" since those who have it seem to show more signs of intuition and creativity. The truth is, you must be aware that ADHD has the potential to profoundly affect your life, or that of your child, whether you believe it's a disorder or not. If you or your child often have problems with other people, because of ADHD symptoms, then it can't be ignored. Social problems should be addressed, through professional therapy or self help, such as self hypnosis programs, and natural treatments, such as homeopathy or herbs, or music therapy, can often be very helpful.

2. My Kid will Outgrow ADHD.

Parents want to believe that ADHD is mostly a just a phase, and that their kids will grow out of it, and eventually become well adjusted, "normal" adults. Unfortunately, evidence suggests that's not the case, and this will affect someone for a lifetime. BUT, this does not mean that ADHD is a curse, or even a sickness. A child may cope fairly well, even if he or she does require special attention in school. Natural treatments for ADHD, such as homeopathy, sound or music therapy, herbs and diet, can be readily recommended, since they tend to foster positive feelings, without subtracting from any of the energy and imagination that usually goes along with ADHD.

3. ADHD is Over Diagnosed by Doctors

You often here this from concerned parents, naturalists, and some even those who hold religious beliefs that are anti-psychiatry. It's true, that many parents over react, and demanded prescription medication to make their child "fit the mold", or by adults who may be perceived as "drug seeking". Unfortunately, these parents ignore the potential for developmental damage from side effects, believing that drugs are a magic bullet, and adults who seek out prescriptions for their ADHD may also feel that pills are the easy way out, ignoring potential side effects. Medication and even natural cures, such as homeopathic remedies, should not be considered "cures". You also need to consider behavioral modification, for yourself, or your child, as well as following a natural organic diet.

4. Bad Parenting Causes ADHD

ADHD is a disorder, and it often has genetic origins. BUT, bad parenting, such as when a parent is overly critical, negative, punishing, very strict, or neglectful, can make the symptoms of ADHD much worse. If you child has attention deficit hyperactive disorder, try your best to be gentle and patient, and teach your child coping skills. Natural remedies may also help, especially if there is a defiant oppositional disorder present.

5. Drugs for ADHD are unnecessary and natural remedies are just "placebo" effects.

There are many who believe that natural treatments for ADHD, such as homeopathy, herbs and music and sound therapy, are the only options, and others believe in medication, and some people believe that proper diet is the only answer. The truth is, you will have to just see what works for you or your child, and you will only know after you try it.

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