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You are an Adult with ADHD; What Now?

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Many adults who are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder, may not have had a diagnosis from a doctor or therapist as a child, although the disorder was likely present at that time. Newly diagnosed adults face life challenges that are very different from the challenges of younger ADHD sufferers. What does this means from a practical standpoint? Young adults, who may have been dependent on their parents for support in their daily activities, must, on their own, learn how to best organize their everyday tasks.

Every young adult is learning to negotiate the challenges of college, career, relationships, and responsibility, but this is a tall order for those whose ADHD symptoms were unrecognized during childhood, and/or went untreated. It may be, that some young adults had the symptoms of ADHD, but it did not become a major impairment, because of either the support of parents, teachers or family members, or because their parents, teachers and family members made excuses for the behavior, or ignored the situation.

These young adults will need to learn a whole new set of life skills, in order to manage their symptoms, and their lives. Most adults will also likely need psychological coaching, cognitive training, and EEG biofeedback has also proved useful in the management of adults with ADHD. Other treatments could include homeopathic and herbal remedies, meditation, and the use of sound and music therapy, constructed specifically to help calm the mind. These natural home remedies can be very effective, and relatively inexpensive. Also, a very important step in the treatment of ADHD symptoms is proper diet. Consulting a nutritionist would be very helpful, but you can simply start with the common sense steps of cutting out all junk food, fast food, artificial food additives, sugar, and eat a good, balanced organic diet. Also consider adding vitamin and mineral supplements to your daily regime.

Another essential step is organizing your personal space; sort, label and box things, in easy to find places. You may have seen design pictures of shelves filled with attractive boxes and baskets, neatly lined up and labeled; that may be your new home. Get a friend or relative to help get you started, but be careful to not let others 'organizing' you; you must learn to take responsibility, and carry out these tasks on your own, everyday.

A common problem is that a friend, parent, partner or spouse enables the person with ADHD to continue on, with their disorganized and unproductive habits. The partner or friend continuously 'helps' the adult with ADHD by continually shoulder the burdens, and picking up the slack, that the ADHD adult should be doing for themselves. Inevitably, the unwitting enabler ends up resenting this one sided arrangement, and the relationship ends bitterly. Be honest; do you have a pattern of surrounding yourself with people who do things for you? If so, it may be necessary for you to get professional help, from a counselor or a coach who can help you learn the discipline and the skills to accomplish your everyday life on your own.

The right type of job is important for everyone, but for someone with ADHD, some jobs are better than others. Generally, jobs that involve repetition will be problematic for those with attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Jobs that require sitting still, such as book keeping, accounting, or computer work, are also a poor choice. Jobs like waitressing, tour guide, firefighting, paramedic, police work, ER physician, or teacher are probably better jobs for some with difficulty sitting still, and staying on one task for any length of time.

Finding the right life partner is as important as finding the right job. Adults with ADHD need to be with someone who is patient, and can tolerate some disorganization, but who doesn't enable. Good partners motivate, encourage and help their partner with ADHD to stay on task, and provide the love and support to empower and encourage the ADHD adult to succeed.

In conclusion:

Learn to organize your life
Pick the right life partner
Choosing the right career.

Once you've gotten your life organized, have a support system, either through family friends, or therapists, and have a good job that you can handle and enjoy, the life of an adult with ADHD will be manageable. And successful.

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