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We Have ADHD Study Music MP3s for Everyone!

No matter what your musical tastes, we have ADHD study music for you!

We have ADD ADHD Study Music for Everyone!

From hard and heavy to soft and light, urban or organic, we have taken the time to search out the best quality independant music tracks to mix with our uniquely effective sound therapy tracks for ADHD.

What is Binaural and Isochronic?

Our ADHD study music MP3s come in two different sound therapy modalities; binaural beat, and isochronic. What's the difference? The binaural beat study music MP3s are designed to be used with headphones, and the isochronic study music MP3s are headphone free. Which one is best for you? That depends on your study habits, your level of distraction, and how others around you react to your tastes in music.

Binaural Beat Study Music MP3s

If you often study or work in public situations, such as at the library or in a classroom, or you want to use the MP3 at your job, or plan to put it on your iPod, then the binaural beat study music MP3s are perfect. (They are also good if your parents, roomates or coworkers hate your taste in music!) The binaural beat study music MP3s are also good if you have a very high level of distraction; headphones will further lessen outside influence. The binaural beat study music MP3s introduce different stimulation to each side of the brain through the earphones, so it is very important to get them on the correct ears, left and right.

Isochronic Study Music MP3s

If you often study alone, or with a friend or group with similar tastes in music, then try the isochronic study music MP3s. You might also try playing the isochronic study music MP3s when playing video games with your friends, to increase your focus. The lighter and easier listening MP3s are especially good if you want to try it out in a more public environment. These are also good for work environments with like minded coworkers and customers.

What should you expect? For the first few minutes, you might notice the sound therapy tracks; you may notice a very slight sort of beating, or thumping sound. (On the headphone free isochronic study music MP3s, this might sound a little like a helicopter.) You may also notice the music seems a bit hypnotically repetitive. But very quickly, you will forget all about that, time will seem to flow more quickly, and before you know it, you should be absorbed in the task at hand like never before! Your homework or job will be done, and you will feel happier, more balanced, and centered! Good bye frustration, hello to pride in a job well done!

Our ADHD Study Music MP3s are approximately 40 to 60 minutes long, and are delivered through our secure download system. After payment, you will be redirected to a page where you can immediately download, and you will also recieve an e-mail titled "Download Invitation" from to your main Pay Pal email address. This e-mail will also have the passwords and links. Check your spam folder if you don't see it. If you are paying through e-check, the delivery will be delayed, until the e-check clears into our Pay Pal account. All our MP3 downloads include instructions, and include additional free eBooks. These are LARGE downloads, so you will want to either use a high speed internet connection, or if you have dial up, set up your computer to not time out or turn off, and please be patient, as it may take a while.

Please be aware, if you have a seizure disorder, please, DO NOT use any sound therapy program, especially a binaural beat program. Also, if you suffer from a serious mental disorder, such as psychotic disorder or pschizophrenia, or have had a head injury or brain trauma, proceed with caution, or don't use the sound therapy programs at all. If you feel any uncomfortable or distressing symptoms, discontinue use. Sound healing is a powerful tool, which is generally very safe, but if you have a real brain impairment or injury, the programs could have an unpredictable reaction.

  1. HiP HoP
  2. Nu Metal
  3. Acid Jazz
  4. Heavy Metal
  5. Urban Beats
  6. Country
  7. PoP Rock
  8. Electronic Edge
  9. PuNK RocK
  10. Alternative Rock
  11. Heavy Rock
  12. FunK
  13. Adult Contemporary
  14. JaZZ
  15. Spanish Guitar
  16. easy Listening
  17. New Age