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Natural Remedies and Diet for ADHD

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Wouldn't that be great if you could cure ADHD without prescription medication? The truth is, ADHD is not curable, whether you try prescription medication, natural remedies, or behavioral modification. Certainly, diets for ADHD seem better than seeking expensive and powerful prescription medication. Prescription medication is unnatural, and comes with a host of potentially dangerous side effects. A natural diet, specifically designed for ADHD, doesn't change thought or behavior patterns, but it does enhance the body, so that your mind and body is operating at it's peak. Diet may help you to concentrate, and control your energy level, while many prescription medications actually stifle creativity.

What are some diet tips to keep in mind when trying to treat ADHD? The first thing to consider, is that you will be basing your diet choices on specific factors. These include possible deficiencies in phospholipids, Vitamin B, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Also, you may want to include supplements to help correct thyroid disorders, such as kelp, and herbs and supplements to cleanse the body of environmental toxins. Mineral deficiencies are common, and you may want to seek out advice about any mineral imbalances you may have. Experts suggest that a magnesium deficiency can cause symptoms like irritability, restlessness, and anxiety. And did you know, that drinking soda actually hinders the body's ability to absorb important nutrients, like magnesium? Therefore, eliminate the junk.

A classically healthy diet, consisting of foods like whole grain foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meats is a safe bet. You may want to try reducing the amount of protein, to control your energy, as well as moderate the amount of carbohydrates, which also provide energy. But most importantly, you will have to avoid sugar; it is very important to also cut out any unnatural food additives, as well as excessive sugar. In fact, sugar is so potent to ADHD, it can easily cause drug like withdrawal symptoms when cut suddenly, so it may be wise to reduce your sugar intake slowly, over the course of several days or a week.